Spring Fling

Spring Fling

This program includes Friday and Saturday night occupancy for 2 persons in your immediate family and one car.   Memorial Day Weekend includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  See below for 2021’s rate schedule, depending upon the type of hookups you reserve. The additional costs for your children are included in the rates listed below as well. An additional car will be charged the normal rate (refer to site rates and info page) while it is in the park.  Your RV remains on your assigned site during the week until final check-out date by 12noon..

Check-in time for occupancy is 2pm-9pm on May 7th and 9am each Friday thereafter.  Check-out time is by 8pm each Sunday, except for Memorial Day Weekend, which is 8pm on Monday.  Final check-out is 12noon on June 20th.  You may occupy your RV other than Friday-Sunday with pre-paid registration for our normal published off-season rate.

The “Spring Fling” program price is for two persons in your family. Your unmarried children (under 18 years) are charged a base fee for the program. If you do not choose to pay the child(ren) base program fee, then each of your children (under 18 years) upon arrival will be charged the published Visitor Admission Fee per night. For additional cars and equipment, refer to the rate list in our brochure or on our website.

Friday and Saturday occupancy cannot be switched for other nights during the week. Unused Friday and/or Saturday nights cannot be accumulated for occupancy at another time or used by another party in your absence.

A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is required to confirm your reservation. MasterCard, Visa, Discover or cash is accepted.

Spring Fling - Start May 7th
Ending 6/20
Water, 30 amp & cable hookup $759.00
Water, 30 amp, sewage & cable $829.00
Water, 50 amp, sewage & cable $899.00
Child age 17 and under $ 45.00
Child under 2 years N/C

Interested in Seasonal camping? Please inquire as to available sites!


These guidelines begin July 8th and are in effect until further notice.

- All facilities and services (with the exception of the recreational hall) are open with state and local social distancing, capacity and face covering guidelines.
- Campers must abide by social distancing protocols of at least six feet between individuals. Campers from the same household are not required to social distance from each other.
- Sites are limited to a maximum of 8 occupants and their visitors. All visitors must register and pay the visitor fee prior to entering the campground.
- All state and local social distancing and face covering guidelines apply for customers while walking in the campground. This means face masks must be worn when you are within 6 feet of another person not from your household.
- The recreation hall will remain closed during phase 3.
- Activities between or among more than one campsite are not permitted.
- Remote and credit-card transactions are encouraged.
- Window service is available at Clammy's store and Ice Cream Parlor.
- Laundry facilities will be open to a maximum of 8 persons at one time.
- To minimize the spread of Covid-19, please use your RV's restroom and shower.