Things to Do

We offer activities weekends in season, however, the listed events are some of the season's highlights. Be sure to pick up an schedule in the office for a detailed list!



fun in the gaga ball pit 2

Softball Games
Scavenger Hunts
Shuffleboard Games

donut eating contest

Ping Pong Tournaments
Water Frisbee
Kids Water Games

fun at the upper pool

Water Volleyball
Water Wiffleball
Family Nerf Field Hockey

egg toss contest 2

Kids & Family Soccer Games
Kids Crafts
Adult Mystery Bingo

Upper pool

Hopscotch Games
Basketball Games

Smore's challenge trophies

Adult Horseshoes
Candy Bar Bingo
Teen Card Games


These guidelines begin July 8th and are in effect until further notice.

- All facilities and services (with the exception of the recreational hall) are open with state and local social distancing, capacity and face covering guidelines.
- Campers must abide by social distancing protocols of at least six feet between individuals. Campers from the same household are not required to social distance from each other.
- Sites are limited to a maximum of 8 occupants and their visitors. All visitors must register and pay the visitor fee prior to entering the campground.
- All state and local social distancing and face covering guidelines apply for customers while walking in the campground. This means face masks must be worn when you are within 6 feet of another person not from your household.
- The recreation hall will remain closed during phase 3.
- Activities between or among more than one campsite are not permitted.
- Remote and credit-card transactions are encouraged.
- Window service is available at Clammy's store and Ice Cream Parlor.
- Laundry facilities will be open to a maximum of 8 persons at one time.
- To minimize the spread of Covid-19, please use your RV's restroom and shower.